The Royal Noise is Famliar But Fresh


The Royal Noise is Famliar But FreshWhen you’re on the east coast, don’t be afraid to say hello to The Royal Noise. They’ve found a way to incorporate their love do funk, jazz, rock and make it this gritty yet groovy thrill ride. In “Bunot” you can hear the jazz through and through as the sax guides the rest of the instruments on the path to the finish line. It’s not spacey, just “Orbital” and The Royal Noise let you know what it’d be like if you took a astronaut and placed him in the world of funk. The results are quite entertaining. With a name like “Dirt McGirt” you’d think that this would be the song the grit shined, ironically enough it’s not. This jams as clean as could be. Pack your bags but don’t take too much before a “Road Trip” with this band won’t last long. Seriously, it was only a minute but worth the travel time. If you’re into music that brings variety to the table and serves something familiar but fresh, check out The Royal Noise. (

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