Premiere Request: Punk Princess “Mistine” Releases Debut EP May 4th



My name is LJ Silberman with JALE Media, a burgeoning PR company out of USC, and I am writing to pitch the up-and-coming, Los Angeles-based punk princess Mistine. She dropped her debut single “Miss. Used” on March 30th, and will follow with the eponymous EP on May 4th. Her EP release would be a perfect fit for your Interview or Indie Dojo sections on your blog. 

Here is the private Soundcloud link for her EP:

Though Mistine started on guitar in 4th grade, she soon found her way to the electric bass and has been an accomplished player since then. With years of experience playing as an instrumentalist for dozens of artists, Mistine is now taking the steps to make waves in the rock scene as a solo artist. Her music is a modern blend of Heart and Aerosmith. Since she dropped her single at the end of March, she has already booked 4 solo shows and been featured on the local KXSC radio station.

Find Mistine on the internet – 



Thank you so much for your consideration!


LJ Silberman

JALE Media

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