Bes Brings Variety In Sound


Bes Brings Variety In SoundUp in Tacoma, Washington sits Aaron, Andre, Brady and Bronson. Together they make music that spans the spectrum with their band Bed. “The Tribe” is a fast paced journey that takes you on an heart pounding thrill ride through music. You don’t expect to start headbanging when it starts, but withing a minute you look like Wayne and Garth rocking out to the Korn like sounds in the background. Then things get interesting when they calm down with “Kicking Stones.” It turns into this folk rock fest and you’re confused but at the same time still intrigued. How could this be the same artist? It is and it’s cool to hear such diversity from one place. Then things get even more interesting as our time with Bes comes to an end with “Burning Bridges.” A long instrumental intro is then met by a alternative rock vocal performance. If you’re into bands that can make you think you’re listening to an array of genres on one record, then Bes if for you. (

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